About me

I’m Sandy Steel:- I'm standing as an Independent Candidate For The South Cotswolds Constituency.

My aims are that  We The UK People repossess our stolen:- Law, Land, and Workplaces both from The UK's Aristocracy, et al, who still possess a third of England, which land they seized by historic:- conquest, enclosures, also other thefts, and from The UK's Corporatocracy, who have captured most of our workplaces, also our profits, giving these to their; "shareholder owners" who don't do the work, which also are thefts under our true law:- Trial by Jury Common Law!

This 1%; “Class of Thieves” continually promote mass poverty, wars, and diseases via their; bribed and corrupted mainstream party politician sheep, and via their corporate controlled Ms media.

So my message is to; 'Break The Habit', don't vote for any party politician sheep any more, where the mainstream ones all serve The 1% , and the rest are sheep as well. Instead vote for me; Sandy Steel the only genuine  Independent in the contest, also the only candidate who sees; 'the wood from the trees' .

The 8 Genocides

1. Don’t Vote For Any Party Politician; They’re All Bribed And Corrupted !

Every party politician is a part of The Bribery And Corruption System because they each give up their own rights, and their electorate’s rights to decide policies to their party leaderships in return for political promotion.

Meanwhile, every; ‘mainstream’ party leadership gives up their rights to decide policies to The Corporatocracy, and The Aristocracy in return for donations, and media promotions, so they all work for The 1%, not for us, and therefore: they are a lying, robbing, genocidal Uniparty!

‘right and justice need to be earned and won!’ So please don’t be a ‘Uniparty Turkey Voter’ , instead vote for me. I’ll work for The Working Class, not for The 1%!

2. When the UK’s Land is recovered equitably by us, we will each freehold an average .84 acres!

I am a kitchen porter, aged 66, on a zero hours contract.

Elect me:- and I won’t take the MP’s:- salary, allowances, expenses, pension, or any benefits otherwise, and I will act only according to our; Trial by Jury Common Law:- which is to cause no unreasonable harm, and to treat people reasonably equitably:- the very opposite to a party politician.

My vow of poverty and obedience to our Common Law are so that it is seen in this constituency that the first shall be last, in order that we can all prosper, and via a lawful recovery by We The People, of our historically stolen Land, & Workplaces !

As a mendicant MP I will only accept ordinary gifts necessary to:- eat, drink, write, travel and so on, as an un-rigged election to public office is an honour. If I had dependents which I don’t, then I’d take something more, but only to support them.

3. Elect me:- and I’ll lead this constituency’s Working Class, and its Benefit Trapped Class to freedom asap, via us lawfully recovering all of our stolen Land from The Aristocracy; (et al), and all of our stolen Workplaces from The Corporatocracy.

These recoveries from these twinned; ‘thieving classes’ (i.e. from The 1%) conducted according to our Trial by Jury Common Law Jurisdiction:- that is both on an equitable basis, and on a cost-benefit basis. Can’t say fairer than that !

4. We The UK People are being progressively genocided by The UK GOV

and by The Mainstream Media because these have been captured both by The Aristocracy; who through un-recovered historical thefts are still in receipt of a third of The UK’s land, and by The Corporations who thieve most of The UK’s workplaces from their workforces, then give the profits to their; ‘shareholder owners’ who don’t do the work, which Land and Workplace thefts have caused every genocide to date. These twinned Aristocratic and Corporate Oligarchies are genociding We The UK People via their not only progressively looting our Land and Workplaces to effect a mass absolute poverty, but also meanwhile continually promoting unnecess-ary wars and diseases. This triptych of genocides on us, and on their Pseudo-Eugenic Doublethink Pretext that they are thereby promoting; ‘Free Markets’. ‘An Emperor, with his Parliament Of Naked Liars’. LOL

5. Their Disease Genocides

Norway had plenty of COV-19 cases, yet no; ‘excess deaths’ in 2020-2021 because its government puts Vitamin D into 35 staple foods, and checks on its elderlies’ Vitamin D levels biannually:- Vitamin D having been known since the 1960’s to be vital for winter health because in temperate zones in the winter time, we cannot readily synthesise Vitamin D from the sun through our skin, particularly the elderly, and the dark skinned.

So COV-19 is a Global Corporate Med-Malpractice Genocide where this complex suppresses all the known cold and flue remedies:-Vitamin D, Calcifediol, UV Light, etc, and substitutes their new, costly, patented, highly toxic mRNA Jabs, plus their other lethal; ‘martial law’ protocols, killing 240K UK people so far; & incl’ thousands of children.

Norway’s Nil Excess Deaths 2020-2021:- oecd.org/....excess-mortality-since-january-2020 The UK’s 204K Excess Deaths 2020-2023:- Covid-19: UK death rate is still higher than before pandemic | The BMJ Vit D:- The second pandemic (youtube.com) Dr. Ryan Cole on the importance of Vitamin D (bitchute.com) Dr Jones and vitamin D (clip) (bitchute.com Toxic mRNA Jabs:- mRNA Is "Natural Born Killer" Says Drug Inventor Dr. Richard Urso (youtube.com) Toxic mRNA Jabs:- T cells, cancer and immunity (youtube) New mRNA and Long COV Treatment:- New treatment approach - YouTube

6. Their Poverty Genocides. For a local case:-

a. Lord Bathurst claims that he owns 15K acres; ‘held by his family for 300 years’, when honestly he is in receipt of this stolen property via historic; conquest, enclosures, and other thefts, thereby most of The 20K People of nearby Cirencester hold no freehold land:- unless, and until; with its present workforce, or another, they recover that land, and hold it in a; ‘local freeholders partnership’, together with a; ‘workers partnership’.

b. Similarly, UK Corporations and Companies have for 475 years claimed their; ‘workforces’ workplaces and profits, then given these assets to their; ‘shareholder owners’, who don’t do the work, who are in receipt of these stolen assets:- meanwhile; ‘workers partnerships’; like John Lewis Ptrs, don’t thieve their workers’ workplaces and profits, then give these assets to; ‘owners’, who don’t do the work, but as;‘ partners’, such workers posses both their workplaces, and their profits.

c. Needless to say Lord Bathurst runs his stolen 15K acres via companies both to thieve all of the workforces’ profits; as the fraudulent owner, without the need to work himself, and to avoid all taxes on it too, as one of the companies is Bermudan, while his UK Companies, no doubt allow him free ‘company’:- houses, furniture, cars, computers, kitchens, holidays, fuel, food, even toilet rolls. Similarly, Rishi Sunak pays just 23% tax on his largely stolen £2.2M pa income; and he too, might pay no tax on it, if he wasn’t UK PM.

d. Similarly; The Banks and Building Societies have for 300 years lent money at % pa interest, then they foreclose on small homes if the families default, though firstly The UK’s Money Supply (I.e. The UK’s Currency) is stolen by The Gov’t, and these institutions from us, then they rent it back to us.

e. An economy of this depravity that clearly creates mass poverty is not only a Wage Slave State; (and de-facto a Slave State), but also this UK State promotes genocides because the Aristocracy, and Corporatocracy (The 1%) responsible; via the said thefts, possess the technology that they now need very few of We the People as their Wage Slave Class, so their:- motive, means, and opportunity progressively to genocide most of us have been in place for decades, and I notice they’re in use, and increasingly in plain sight.

Who Owns England:- Half of England is owned by less than 1% of the population | Property | The Guardian Our Suppressed Law:- We are living souls. (odysee.com) Bathurst’s ‘legal thefts’:- Lord Bathurst a 'hypocrite' for avoiding tax while collect-ing almost £370,000 in farming subsidies, | (wiltsglosstandard.co.uk) Trust which owns land for 2,350-home development in Cirencester is registered abroad to avoid paying major tax (wiltsglosstandard.co.uk) Sunak’s ‘legal thefts’:- Rishi Sunak paid effective tax rate of 23% on £2.2m income last year | Rishi Sunak | The Guardian

7. Their War Genocides

Tony Blaire’s WMD lie killed 1M Iraqis, and 6K NATO staff to catch a dictator who had no WMDs. Cameron’s lies caused the Libyan, Syrian, and Yemen Wars, killing 1M too, while when Zelensky cut a fair peace deal with Putin in February 2022, Johnson offered Zelensky a $100B bribe to continue the war, killing 450K Ukrainians so far. Now Sunak and Starmer aid and abet in The Gaza Genocide, killing 20K children to date.


Starmer, Sunak, Johnson, Cameron, Blair et al also are complicit in; ‘False Flag Terrorism’’ on We The UK People to enable their so far 24 years of wars, meanwhile these war criminals lay wreaths at The Cenotaph and talk of; ‘domestic hate crimes’. We are like lemmings being led by liars, and hypocrites; 90% to 99% of whose public dis-course is based on lies, or like on the farm where; “All Animals Are Equal But”!

Depopulation:- Depopulation by Unconventional Warfare (bitchute.com) 7/7 Ludicrous Diversion (odysee.com) 9/11 The Great Conspiracy - The 911 News Special You Never Saw - Conspiracy Documentaries 9/11 David Ray Griffin Best Evidence of Truth on 9-11 (youtube.com) 9/11 Propaganda and the 9/11 ‘Global War on Terror' - Dr David Hughes | UKColumn 9/11 Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (ae911truth.org)

8. Their Energy Genocides.

I am convinced that The UK Government’s Existential Climate Change Models are as much garbage as its COV-19 Models are, not least as both are controlled by The Corporatocracy and The Aristocracy. An old term for corporations and governments charging us 20% more, for less and less energy is; a price and supply fixing cartel. My term for it is another genocide, because I am convinced that this is another case of us being led by liars and hypocrites, whose job it is to genocide us.

I’d be ecstatic if solar panels were installed in homes economically, that took The Working Class off; The Rentier Class’; green grid:- yet I’m convinced that; ‘Zero Carbon by 2050’, is another racket by this Global Rentier Class to rob, and genocide The Working Class, not least as they buy; ‘carbon credits’, so they burn as much fossil fuel as they like, meanwhile they de-industrialise Western Countries pitching our societies, particularly The UK’s, back into a Neo-Feudal, Post-Industrial Age, with The Mainstream Party Politicians including The Greens pleased with this deed; Green by name, and by nature.

Their Climate Scam:- Episode 282 – The IPCC Exposed | The Corbett Report Episode 087 – The UN Doesn’t Love You | The Corbett Report Interview 1131 – Elaine Dewar on Maurice Strong’s Cloak of Green | The Corbett Report Interview 1706 – James Corbett on Holding the Line | The Corbett Report Absolute Zero: The Global Agenda Revealed | The Corbett Report

9. Glos And Wilts Police’s Role Is To Obstruct Justice In order To Aid And Abet We The People To be Robbed And Genocided

Sample 1. How The UK’s Elections Are Rigged By The Ms Party Politicians Uniparty, Aided And Abetted By The Police, Et Al

In 2011 I complained to The Cotswold Returning Officer; Nigel Adams about; The Bid Rigging of The Poulton PC Elections, where five candidates conspired not to declare their politics to the electors (a hidden party), furthermore to make their number the same as the number of Councillor Seats, thus to take all of its seats without an; ‘election contest’ too. These valid complaints of a cartel’s; serous organised; ‘bid rigging’ election theft, were suppressed by GLOS POL, and instead two CID Officers; DC Simon Shaw, and DI Ian Ginn charged me for not declaring on my election leaflets who had printed them, though I had printed them, and I had put my full contact details on them. This;‘fit up’ of me, by GLOS POL led me to research more widely about ‘cartel election frauds’:- I found that 80% of The Cotswold District’s Elections are evidently cartel; ‘bid rigged’; as above, and that the rest are evidently cartel; ‘gerrymander rigged’ !

Documentary Proof Of The Systemic Rigging Of The Cotswold District’s Elections:- The EU's & UK's Elections are defrauded comprehensively (youtube.com) Calling Out Returning Officer (Rob Weaver) For Abetting The Rigging Of The Cotswold Districts Elections:- Cotswold District Returning Officer/CEO Rob Weaver's Economy Of Truth Over Rigged Elections - YouTube

Sample 2. At The 2017 General Election my 56,000 election leaflets were suppressed by The Electoral Commission until the election’s final week, and without explanation, no doubt because the leaflets explained how The Electoral Commission, and The Ms Party Politicians, with their Corporate donors cartel; ‘bid rig’, and or; ‘gerrymander rig’, all Cotswold District Elections, and most UK Elections too. When I complained about this, a Fraud Agency Sgt at GLOS POL HQ emailed me, that he saw no problem, while the Ms W&G Standard smeared me about this. This rather than their addressing these evident, vast electoral cartel crimes, and the associated vast corporate party political;‘donations’ & ‘promotions’ I.e. ‘bribes’. Sample 3. In 2021-2022, now being acutely aware of the impending genocide of The British People via The UK Government suppressing all of the known COV-19 remedies (see section 5 above), and instead coercing their experimental, clearly toxic mRNA jabs on everyone, so I attended Cirencester Police Stn five times about this. As always GLOS POL misrepresented my written crime complaints just as; “incidents” to evade acknowledging that any crime complaints had been made about The UK Government, but on one occasion I caught Sgt Thomas Coombes at the hatch for a 2nd time, so I asked him in front of witnesses who were there for the same reason; ‘What had he done with my written evidenced crime complaints about The UK Government, laid to him many months earlier?’. ‘Mr Steel’ he said, ‘I passed your complaints to my Inspector, and Special Branch, and they haven’t replied.’. No GLOS POL reply - no need to reply to my 10 years of written evidenced complaints about UK Gov’ts rigging the UK’s Elections, and genociding Peoples. Sample 4. In February 2023 GLOS POL seized and crushed my car, with no opportunity for me to put my case to an independent adjudicator. Sample 5. In November on foot in Cirencester I was distributing The Light Newspaper which reports on UK Gov’t, Ms Media, and Police crimes, when GLOS POL threatened to arrest me for; ‘possessing hate literature’, that is for possessing literature on The UK Gov’t’s, Ms Media’s, and GLOS POL’s progressive robberies and genocides of The British People, and of other Peoples.

Police Summary. For 200 years GLOS POL and Wilts POL have aided and abetted the said Corporatocracy and Aristocracy (The 1%), to rob We the People, which has caused mass poverty, hence most common crimes as well! Now GLOS POL and Wilts POL are evidently led by either cognisant genocidal crooks, or brickwall ignorant genocidal crooks, where these 2 forces continuously aid and abet the said both robbers and genociders, so these forces are not fit for lawful purpose, and they never were, nor are their CPS bosses, including the ex CPS boss; Sir Keir Starmer.

10. The People’s Robberies and Genocides Stop Plan:-

UK Governments’ rob and genocide We The UK People due to The Aristocratic and Corporate Orders’ custom of robbing us of our Land, and Workplaces, then renting these assets back to us to extort; ‘passive incomes’, from us too. We The People should recover not only The UK’s Land by sharing it out reasonably equitably per person via local freeholders’ management meetings, but also The UK’s Workplaces via the executives, managers, and workers as; ‘workers partnerships’, or as; ‘sole traders’, repossessing them.

The People’s Means:- 1. to elect people who’ve agreed to act only according to Trial by Jury Common Law, and so who are contracted both to put The UK People’s economic interests first here, and to treat us all reasonably equitably, 2. to meet locally, and to lay claims to the local Cllrs, MP, Justices et al, for the return of our stolen UK:- Law, Workplaces, and Land, with charges if the latter; ‘delay, or deny right and justice’. 3. to compensate UK corporate shareholders so they have a reasonable pension.

Fn. When the UK’s Land is recovered equitably, we will each freehold an average .84 acres! Fn. Recoveries conducted on our Common Law principles both of equity, and of cost-benefit. Fn. There will be conflicts of interest between; ‘freeholders partnerships’, and ‘workers partnerships’ which should be resolved to minimise harm and to maximise benefit. Fn. The aim is to leave our Workplaces and Land for future generations in a better state than we found them.